Trending: The Loafer

While you are waiting for boot season, put your flip flops and converse away.  Loafers are the perfect “in between season” shoe.  Pair them with jeans and a T for a perfect fall outfit.

Olivia Palmero always on trend with her yellow and grey kicks.

Simple and cute green ones that can be found at Gap.

And the ultimate studded loafer: Hellraisers.

Breaking the Rules

Summer is over and Labor Day has come and gone.  It is that dreaded time of the year when girls lay their white dresses and ensembles to rest, and opt for richer tones and heavier fabrics.  I do love a chunky scarf, and a nice, knit sweater, but I also believe-in white in winter.  In the wise words of Katherine Hepburn, “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”

Here is how to keep your white ensembles appropriate for winter.

Choose fabrics with thicker textures.  I love these beaded leggings, which offer plenty of texture and a break from traditional spandex.

The next rule is cover up.  The sleeves on this dress from Matches makes it winter appropriate.  A white gown is always refreshing and bold in a sea of color.

If you can no longer see your face or hair…you’ve probably gone too far.

When going all white, it is especially important you choose the right accessories.  They will automatically standout against the outfit, and therefore can be subtle.  I love the simple white belt, cuff, and choker paired with the simple blazer from Mango.

If you are still not sold on the idea of an all white ensemble after summer, you can still show some risk by pairing white jeans with neutrals.  I love this nontraditional mix of white pants with a khaki cape and gold jewelry.
The most important rule when breaking the rules is to own it.  Be confident and comfortable in what you are wearing and you will look amazing.

Then and Now: The Blazer

A blazer never goes out of style.  With either jeans, dress pants, a skirt, or shorts, a blazer is a classic choice.  The term itself dates back to 1885, referring to the bright red color jackets worn by the women in the Lady Margaret Boat Club at St. John’s College in Cambridge.  (Source)

Here a few of my favorite style icons wearing their blazers throughout the years.

Early 1900’s:

Coco Chanel in a crisp white blazer.


Princess Diana at Sarajevo airport.

Late 1990’s:

Kate Moss combines navy and khaki for a casual and pulled together look.


Kate Middleton at the London Olympics.

The blazer is a classic piece that has and will always withstand the test of time.